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You have been warned!

- In his novel Report to El Greco, the acclaimed writer Nikos Kazantzatiks (lived in Crete) wrote ...
“Whoever sets foot on this island feels a mystical power flowing through the veins, warm and friendly, which makes the soul grow bigger”

This is the essence of Crete: mysterious, warm, friendly, generous, ready to enchant every visit. Crete is an unforgettable and enticing island that captivates the senses not only with its impressive and awe-inspiring scenery, but also with its spirit, history and people.

For that you only have to spend a few days with the locals. Their hospitality ensures that you are part of their culture and their special, pure lifestyle.

When you visit Crete for the first time, be prepared to fall completely in love with this (island) land of wonder ...

You have been warned!

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